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What should you choose between a Feather Shuttlecock or Plastic Shuttlecock?

What should you choose between a Feather Shuttlecock or Plastic Shuttlecock?

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Have you ever seen a badminton game without a shuttlecock? In a Badminton game, the shuttlecock must-have equipment. You have seen varieties of shuttlecocks available in the market. Such hybrid variants of feather, nylon, and plastic. Your choice of Badminton shuttlecock is based on the playing intensity. Before starting the game, check the durability, weight, and quality that suit your game. Begin your game now!

Feather Badminton Shuttlecock

Feather shuttlecocks are made from Goose/Duck feathers. That’s why they are delicate and break easily. This shuttlecock is formed by overlapping 15 or 18 feathers depending on the manufacturer. Then they are embedded into a rounded cork base, it may be a cork base, composite cork, and plastic base. The Cork is coated with thin leather or synthetic material.

This is an interesting fact that premium shuttlecocks are made using left-wing goose feathers. However, they are more prone to damage. They are mostly used in competition.

Why Feather shuttlecock better than Plastic?

Don’t get confused between a Feather shuttlecock and a plastic one. Vicky Sports is here to help you with these badminton shuttlecocks. It is impossible to consider which shuttlecock is better, Feather or plastic. As it depends upon the playing level. Professional players refer to feather birdies because of the tremendous initial speed for the close-net shots. They are relatively easier to hit a feather properly because of the shape, weight, and quality they carry. Therefore, They won’t deform like a plastic shuttlecock.

Vicky Sports believe that the feather shuttlecock is the perfect choice for experienced players. And who loves placing shots accurately?

Plastic Shuttlecock is a good choice for those who play badminton for fun or beginners. They are durable and the price is less than a feather shuttlecock. The foam base stands up to impact well and withstands friction with the net. They give a parabolic trajectory to the shuttle. However, the base is more fragile but pleasant to play with. The plastic shuttlecock featured a hard-wearing skirt and a cork base.

What type of player are you? Then Pick up a badminton shuttlecock.

Choose the Right Badminton shuttlecock that Suits your Style of Play

We all know Shuttlecock is the next important thing after the badminton racket to play the sport of Badminton. This is what the players hit alternatively in the game. Without a perfect badminton shuttlecock, the game will be less interesting. Even, you won't able to perform well, when the shuttlecock is not right. For this, choosing the best shuttlecock is important as finding the perfect racket.

Have you ever played badminton, either casually or professionally? You have seen different types of shuttlecock used in the game. Professional players choose a feather badminton shuttlecock. This is because they want to maximize the trajectory of the shuttlecock. Newbies and fun players go for the nylon or plastic shuttlecock.

Let’s sort out the question, how to choose the right badminton shuttlecock that suits your style of play?

You will know the fact that The choice of shuttlecock is based on your playing level. While playing with different shuttlecocks, do you ever feel what you have expected from the shuttlecock and it's not worth it? 

Follow our guidance and then find out which shuttlecock is right for you!

1. Playing Level

The Choice of your shuttlecock depends mostly on your playing level. Different shuttlecock suits different playing levels. Let’s understand the types of shuttlecocks, it will be helpful.

2. Occasionally

When you begin to play badminton, you simply need the shuttle to be strong. It is because you can make your first few games. A plastic shuttlecock with a foam head is fit for you.

3. Intensive play

When you have mastered badminton, you can move to a feather shuttlecock with cork heads. These shuttlecocks will give you comfort and control.

4. Regular play

If you are a regular player, you need a shuttlecock that is stronger and has a comfortable impact. As the game evolves, you will feel for the shuttle. Opt for the plastic shuttle with the cork head.

Difference between the Feather & Plastic shuttles

The difference between the feather shuttlecock and plastic, other than the appearance, is that the trajectory of the cock will change. The plastic shuttlecock shows the bridge trajectory while the feather shows an upward trajectory.


You have heard about the different types of badminton shuttlecocks. If you have purchased any shuttlecock, you have seen various materials, colors, and more. Do you know the significance of the other aspects of the shuttle? The color used on the cork defines the shuttle speed. The Build material affects the durability and flight.

Plastic shuttlecocks are durable and offer more speed. This is why new players prefer them. Professional players use feather badminton shuttlecocks, as they provide better control. Feather shuttlecocks are used in official badminton tournaments like the Olympics.

Now, you have to be familiar with various aspects of the shuttlecock to find the right one for you. Visit Vicky Sports for more educational pieces about your favorite sport. Are you looking for a feather badminton shuttlecock? Your search online ends here. Have a look at an exclusive feather shuttle at affordable prices. Right after the order, our delivery agent will be at your doorstep.

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