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About US

Vicky Sports is a name known to millions of Indians for its wide range of high quality and value-for-money products. The company was established in 1978 at the Sports Complex in Meerut, which was developed to promote the domestic sporting goods of the country. Today, the brand's ethos is to promote sports and make products readily available in the market for every passionate sports person looking for quality products crafted in India.


Our experienced and well-trained staff has helped Vicky Sports achieve its vision of providing value-for- money products. The phenomenal increase in the demand for sporting goods has accelerated the company's growth and allowed Vicky Sports to diversify its product portfolio. Today, Vicky Sports carries more than a hundred product lines, all of which guarantee the highest quality, and come with an economical price tag to suit the versatile needs of all our customers. Some of the high-quality products produced by Vicky Sports include equipment for cricket, badminton, football, and various ball sports. The brand has also diversified in avm equipment and quality sports clothing, shoes and accessories.

Market Share

India's increased awareness of the importance of health and fitness has presented Vicky Sports with an opportunity to venture directly into new markets, and the company is steadily working towards realising this unique opportunity. Many of the products produced by Vicky Sports have made their mark in the international market through indirect distribution with the aid of Indo Rubber's Trade Associates and the International Trade House. Keeping with its vision to become self-sustainable, Vicky Sports is now developing plans to directly distribute its high-quality products internationally.

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