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Top 8 Most Popular Sports in India - Vicky Sports

Top 8 Most Popular Sports in India - Vicky Sports

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Sports have become an essential part of every modern civilization. And, Sports are geared toward physical development and mental growth. They are also significant elements of Indian culture. In India, varieties of sports are played and watched. But, do you know which are India’s most popular sports?

Top 8 Popular Sports in India

We have compiled a list of the top 8 popular sports in India. The popularity of sports is based on the number of people who watch that particular sport and the income earned by the producers. However, we can’t measure the ability and success of players. Let’s begin with a detailed journey to know more about the top popular sports in India.

1. Cricket

 In India, whenever people talk about sports the name Cricket comes first. From the 60’s generation to the 21st generation, it will be further, everyone has a fondness to watch and play cricket. Compared to other sports, it generates more interest and attention from Indians. This is not only played for the National team but for fun and joy. Gully Cricket is the result of that excitement of play.

There are various reasons behind Cricket's popularity in India. They are apart from the regular cricket matches and their broadcasting and promoted by premium sporting channels. India’s performance significantly impacts the sport's continued popularity. India has remained in contention for the top prize in International cricket. From 1983, and 2011 world cups to the champions trophy in 2013. 

These championships have marked some players such as Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Kumble, Rahul Dravid, MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, etc best in India. They are known as the most admired people in culture and are considered celebrities. These types of regular inflow of talent in India are subject to sports sustained to popularity among the World. 

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2. Football

Another popular sport in India is Football. Just like Cricket, Football has taken the attention and love of Indians. However, Our Indian football team doesn’t have achievements at the World level. But we have ranked 96th in FIFA Rankings. In 2017, India has organized the FIFA U - 17 world cup. The European Massive club has a great Indian fan base. 

3. Badminton

Badminton has remained a popular choice for the General public. This sport generates interest and activeness. However, this sport has developed less success on the international platform. In today’s era, the modern generation has shifted this sport to the International stage. From 2013, the Badminton Association of India supervised the premier Badminton league.

This shift has organized various tournaments on the world scene. One of the popular Indian badminton players, Saina Nehwal has etched her name in history books. By picking up a bronze medal in the London Olympics in 2012. Now, people are considering career options in badminton. So that India can make a strong challenge for the top prize in the next Olympics. 

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4. Basketball

Basketball has always been the best part of Indian sports culture. It is one of the popular sports played at schools and universities. Last year, it was a proud moment for India to watch their basket players on the world stage getting success in the sport. We are expecting more in the future. India Basketball follows FIBA International basketball rules in their championships.

The Indian women's basketball team has qualified for the FIFA Women’s Asia cup. This is for the first time on a global scale, the Indian basketball team has achieved such an honor. Satanam Singh Brahma was the first Indian player picked by an NBA franchise. Now, the younger generation is taking this sport significantly in their sports career. If you are interested in a Basketball game. Then, you can Buy Basketball Online at the lowest prices from India's best sports store.

5. Hockey

Hockey is assumed as the National sport of India. As We have taken many gold medals from the Olympics games. And we are assuming to claim it more in the future like history. Of winning Eight Olympic gold medals. The New Rules introduced the installation of artificial playing surfaces. It proved to be a stumbling block for Indian players who were used to playing on natural grass surfaces.

For many years, the Indian hockey team has had a low collapse with other nations such as Australia, Germany, etc. Due to India, the hockey federation is constantly fighting and matters have become worse. Since then, Hockey championships have decreased.

In 2013, it was founded in India to increase the popularity of Hockey. The Hockey India League is organized like the IPL Model of Cricket.

6. Kabaddi

Several sports are played and watched in India. For fun or some professional. For a long time, Kabaddi has remained its place as the most popular sport in the Country. Kabaddi tournaments are conducted yearly in several across India. It is like an unexpected development of the Pro Kabaddi league. 

In 2014, the Pro Kabaddi league became India’s second most popular league. That's after the Indian Premier league. In rural regions, Kabaddi is well-positioned to boost audiences. This sport has developed new viewers who are interested in learning about more sports. This sport has created strong viewers and interested sponsors.

At present, India and Iraq have two world's best kabaddi players. Till 2017, India has won all of the Kabaddi world cups. They are creating more new players to win future Olympics medals.

7. Wrestling

Just like Kabaddi, wrestling has a strong undercurrent in rural India. Indian players have brought a lot of medals from various wrestling events. In India, wrestling is considered an Akhada-style sport. However, traditional Indian wrestling is different from professional wrestling.

But if we subject the base of wrestling, it remains the same. Sushil Kumar is a two-time Olympic medalist in it. Actually, not only Sushil, a large number of Indian players have competed in international wrestling events and won the medal.

In this Modern era, wrestling has grown even more popular. Due to big office successes like Dangal and Sultan. One of the top women Indian wrestlers Geeta Phogat has inspired other players, majorly women to hit the boundaries. For winning the big international competitions.

8. Boxing

Many Indians have nostalgic memories with WWE. This show is associated with Boxing.

Boxing is a compact sport that is played professionally. India fame Vijender Singh brought a bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing games. This sport is played differently in geographical areas. On the International stage, Boxing has been the source of many medals with the fruition of a core group of talented boxers carrying the Indian flag.

After Vijender Singh, in 2012 Indian women's Boxer MC Mary Kom won a Bronze medal at the London games against all odds. If you want to understand the Olympics, you have to understand amateur boxing. Begin your career in Boxing and represent India's skill on the World stage.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the most popular sport in India?

Ans: Cricket is the most popular sport in India. The Citizens of India play Cricket for fun or some take it as professional. We have a great history in Cricket the World. From 1983, and 2011 World Cups to the 2013 champions trophy, India has been a constant contender for the highest reward in International Cricket.

Q2. Which is India’s national sport?

Ans: In Reality, India doesn't have a National sport. It is a widespread misconception that Hockey is the National sport of India. Yes, India has won Eight Olympic Gold medals in Hockey. That doesn’t mean, we call it it's own. None of the sports is officially registered as a National sport. One of the reasons behind the Government of India not declaring a National sport is that they want to promote all sports.