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Cricket Leather Ball

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Editor's Note

A Perfect Cricket player has to be perfect in all portions of cricket such as batting, bowling, fielding, etc. With the Moves and skills, players have to focus on the material of cricket though they are going to practice. However, special moves are required during bowling. And to sharpen these special moves Cricket Leather Ball is required. Practicing with Cricket Leather Balls is ideal for senior-level cricket players. This type of Ball is featured with high quality by brands.

Vicky Sports is the top Brand who is selling Cricket leather with standard styles and varieties of options. We offer you a top-quality cricket leather ball, that is made from the second leather quality in your budget. So scroll, and check your best Cricket Leather Ball.

Cricket Leather Ball

Every Cricket Player wishes that they would be awarded in cricket with a variety of awards such as Star power bowling, Best baller, etc. For this, the Player has to boost their skills and moves with help of top materials of Cricket such as Bat and ball, etc.

Searching for the top brands of Cricket materials and combo is not an easy task. You have to go with quality materials, durability, resistance, and varieties of specifications which is such a time taking. Any cricket player doesn’t want that because they want to use their time to boost up a level in cricket.

How to Choose the Best Cricket Ball Online?

For this, we prefer top quality and standard style Cricket Leather to their customers in huge options. Yes, Vicky Sports is serving the Top Quality Cricket Leather balls on their online website with easy payment and fast delivery options.

With this, Every Player wants that their one portion of cricket is too strong or wants to bring fluency among their bowling skills at the middle or senior level. For this, you have to buy top brand Cricket Leather Ball at a reasonable cost. But you are unable to that quality, style, and brand of leather Cricket Ball?

Buy Cricket Leather Balls Online

In this World of Networking, every product is available at your doorstep. If you are looking for Best Cricket Ball in the market it is difficult for you because you have spent a lot of time in the market but you didn’t get your Perfect Cricket Ball.

Therefore, if you buy Cricket Balls online, you have to just sit in your place and go with your needs and requirements. Online, you get to know about a huge range of Cricket Balls which is as per your level.

If you Buy Cricket Ball online, you have options in designs, variants, quality material, etc. with a good description and easy return at an affordable price. Online, you get to know about current trends, materials, and brands that can be new or upgraded to your market.

Are you looking for a top Brand Cricket Ball? Yes, you should buy Leather Cricket Ball from Vicky Sports. It is a brand that aims to serve you best and perfectly with several options. Vicky Cricket Balls are available online or offline, but offline you may not get too familiar with the options.

So shop now your Perfect Cricket Ball from Vicky Sports at an affordable range at their online portal. Our Cricket Balls are durable, comfortable, and fit for your match. Vicky Cricket Balls are for your benefit because they will help you to become a good player, sharpen your skills and boost your level.

What is inside a Cricket Ball?

Everyone has played Cricket in their Life. They are well known for the structure of the Cricket Ball. Our Cricket Balls are hard and solid. Do you know what makes the Cricket Ball hard and solid? It is because it is inside a Cricket Ball.

Cricket Ball proceeds with various layers. But the Regular and base of every Cricket Ball are made from the Cork core with string and covered with Leather.

Varieties of Cricket balls in the Market such as leather, tennis, etc. So there is an addition to inside material as per purpose with regular cricket balls. Tennis balls are lightweight, so they are made from wool and polyester fiber. Leather Balls are hard; they are made with 4 pieces of leather together.

After that, they are dyed, stamped, and covered with finish and polish. If you want details about the inside Cricket Ball, you should visit the Vicky Sports website, where every Cricket Ball is detailed with its quality material, pattern, and range.

How Leather Balls are made?

Various Cricket Players have played with Leather balls. Do you know how Leather Balls are made?

Leather Balls are made from 4 piece layers of Leather, cork at the core with tight strings of wood, and then covered with Leather.

The outer layer of Bark of the cork oak is Cork. It is used in Cricket balls especially in Leather with quality material to make them hard and durable.

If you want to buy Leather Cricket Ball, you can visit the Vicky Sports website.

Advantages of Vicky Sports Cricket Leather Ball

We offer a variety of cricket leather ball features. You are going to become familiar. There are more than options for Cricket Leather Ball, they are:

1. Material
We have manufactured Top quality cricket Leather Balls as they don't compromise with their material and style of Ball. The Material of Cricket Leather of Second Quality of Leather with the Kassa Processing also includes the second quality of Black wool yarn which is felt like a Plastic Ball wrapped in Cloth.

2. Weight
Now the question arises, Cricket Leather Ball weight of Vicky Sports. The Weight of Cricket Leather is 5.5 OZ (155 - 160 GM).

3. Price
Cricket Leather Ball price of Vicky Sports of One Ball is around Rs.300 which is suitable for every player to go through with top quality.

4. Ideal
Cricket Leather Ball is ideal for the players who are practicing and competing at the senior level because they are at the level where they have to sharpen their moves and tricks for Bowling.
Cricket Leather Ball is ideal for Men and senior players only. For the Beginners and unprofessional Vicky Sports have other Top and best Cricket Ball.

5. Diameter
Our Cricket Leather Ball covers a wide range of Diameters. Their Diameter of the Ball is 71- to 72mm at the practicing level.

Types of Vicky Cricket Leather Ball:

As we know, Vicky Sports is listed among one of the top brand companies who is offering top material of sports, and Cricket material is one of the best sellers among them. As it is a top brand because it has served a variety and rich quality cricket equipment to its clients.

We offer the Varieties of cricket leather ball features. You are going to become familiar. There are more than options for Cricket Leather Ball, they are:

1. Vicky Spin Red Leather Ball
The efficiency of the Spin Red Leather Ball is around 20 overs which is suitable at the practice level. This is available in Red and white color.

2. Vicky Googly Leather Ball
The Material of the Googly Leather Ball is Desi Leather Kassa processing whose thickness is normal. The Level of playing with this Ball at the practice because their efficiency is 20 overs. The ball is recommended for Men and seniors players.

3. Vicky Gold Star Red Leather Ball
The efficiency of Gold Star Red Leather Ball playing the 30 overs at the level of training. The Weight of this ball is 155-160 mm with the option of Red and white color. The quality of this ball is similar to Leather processing but the first quality of the white wool yarn is included.

4. Vicky Smash Leather Ball
This type of Cricket Leather efficiency of playing at 30 overs is an ideal option for training. The Material of Vicky Smash Ball is Desi Leather Kassa processing whose thickness is large. And on the inner side, it feels like a plastic ball cork sheet that uses first-quality wool yarn for the players and seniors.

5. Vicky Jupiter Leather Ball
This Cricket Leather Ball of Vicky is for the professional whose efficiency is playing 50 overs. Material of Vicky Jupiter Leather Ball of alum tanned large thick leather whose inner side is first quality granules processed.

6. Vicky Jet Leather Ball
The Vicky Jet Leather Ball is an ideal option for professional players. As their efficiency of playing 50 overs whose inner side dies first quality granule process and features with red and white color.

7. Vicky Soyuz Leather Ball
Vicky Soyuz Leather Ball is rich in quality as it possesses features that are required by new professionals of large thick leather (alum tanned) and first quality processing of granule. Playing with this ball improves your level as it swings in your calculated force.

8. Vicky Challenger Leather Ball
Vicky Challenger Leather Ball is considered by professional players at the time of competition because of the efficiency of 50 overs. And the ball quality material of alum-tanned large thick leather with the first quality granule process.

Every Vicky Cricket Leather Ball comes in two colors Red and white. The Price of Every Vicky Cricket Leather Ball quite changes as per the level and additional quality.

What is the Difference Between a Red Leather Ball and White Leather Ball?

If you are practicing Cricket to become a professional player, you have to play with a Leather Ball. Do you know there are 2 types of Leather balls?

  • Red Leather Ball
  • White Leather Ball

If you are in confusion, which leather ball to purchase? On Vicky Sports, you get to know about the Leather Balls.

1. Red Leather Ball
The Red Leather Ball is an iconic leather ball that has been used for centuries in the Cricket Game. Our leather red balls are highly standard as they can be used for long hours of fun. You can play international and domestic matches with these balls.

2. White Leather Ball
In 1937, a White Leather Ball was introduced and will be used further. Our leather white balls were introduced to overcome the problem of Visibility during night matches. You can play with these balls under the floodlights.

If you want to compare the Leather ball, then easily compare it and make up your mind.

  • From the Traditional period, the Red Leather Ball was used. But Nowadays, White leather Balls are used.
  • Red Leather Cricket Ball has poor visibility because of this you can’t play at night while White Leather ball has more visibility because of this you can easily play at Night.
  • Vicky Red Leather Balls are quite tough and heavy while White Leather Balls are smoother and swing more because of the hard material.
  • Red Leather Ball is used in long matches such as Cricket tests while White Leather Ball is used in short matches such as T 20, ODI, etc.
  • Our Red Leather Balls are used while practicing for professional Cricket but White Leather Balls are used for competitions only.
  • The Red Leather Cricket Ball is simple in shape while the White leather ball is styled because they are shiner and polished.
  • The red Leather Ball is known as semi-professional and the white Leather cricket ball is known as professional.
  • Playing with the Red Leather Ball is easy while playing with the White leather ball is quick but becomes dirty fast.
  • Red Leather Cricket Balls are more durable than White Leather Balls.
  • You can play for Long hours with Red Leather Balls while with White leather balls you can play for limited overs.
  • The Red Leather Ball is used in first-class cricket but white leather balls are used in only one-day matches.

So, you have in mind which leather ball you want to buy. If you are ready to buy Leather, then buy it from the Vicky Sports website, where you get various Leather balls that are featured as per your requirement. Buy leather balls online at discounted prices.

How to Select the Best Quality Cricket Ball for your Play?

Varieties of Cricket Balls are available in the Market because Cricket is played at various levels such as T-20, IPL, etc. If you are looking for Cricket Balls, so you can purchase them from the Vicky Sports website. Here you get varieties of options for Cricket Balls, so your task for the Best Quality Cricket Ball will complete here.

If you want to upgrade the level of Play? Then, you go with Vicky Sports Best Quality Leather Ball. Our 2 Piece and 4 Piece Leather Balls are made from harder quality material. With this, you can swing your ball more.

So buy Vicky Cricket Ball because there is a good variety of Cricket balls as per the pattern and level of your play at a fair price.

Why Choose Vicky Cricket Leather Ball?

Vicky Sports offers a UPTO 25% discount on Cricket White Leather Ball and other quality Sports products. It provides you with various varieties of cricket leather ball options as per your level in customer budget. The availability of leather balls with the required facts is available so that you can buy Leather Ball online at best prices. So shop with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1: Is a leather ball used in cricket?

Ans: Yes, a cork core, layers of tightly coiled string, and a leather cover with a raised seam are the components of a Vicky Cricket Leather Ball.

 Q. 2: How much price is a cricket leather ball?

Ans: The price of a Vicky Cricket Leather Ball
is between 300 - 400 Indian Rupees per Piece. 

 Q. 3: How many pieces are used to make a leather ball?

Ans: Leather 2 Piece Ball and Leather 4 Piece Ball

 Q. 4: Which leather ball is good?

Ans: Red Cricket Leather Ball

 Q. 5: What is the name of a leather cricket ball?

Ans: Vicky Cricket Leather Ball. Every limited-overs match can use the Vicky leather ball.

Q. 6: How many colors Vicky cricket leather ball is made?

Ans: Red and White

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