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Top 7 Tips to become the best Cricketer in India

Top 7 Tips to become the best Cricketer in India

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While watching the world cup, do you even think about becoming the best Cricketer? If you are one of them. This content is best for you to begin your journey as Cricketer. Yes, you can become the best Cricketer and can join the National team.

Top tips to become the Best Cricketer

Have your passion with us and figure out the top 7 tips to become the Best cricketer in India. So, not only enjoy watching this game but at the same time love playing.

1. Analyze your Cricket Skills

Firstly, inspect yourself towards establishing a career in Cricket. No simple plan can add spice and thrill to your game. Start exploring different aspects of cricket. As a pattern, what are you good at and what style, etc.? If you are good at Batting but backlash as a bowler. So, if you have true sports spirit, cherish your strength and work on your weakness.

2. Join a Top class at Cricket Academy

Self-practice is important but for best, you require expert supervision. Cricket academies play a crucial role in it. They assist in picking up the right cricket equipment or cricket kits like a cricket bat, ball, shoes, cricket uniform, and effective tips and tricks to hold, hit, and catch related to cricket. Besides that, you get the experience of coaches that adds a gold point to a complex journey. Do not refer to a general academy or compromise, search for the best Cricket academy. Work hard and improve yourself.

3. Understand the basics of Cricket

If you have a dream to join the National Cricket team? With general practice, you can’t reach your best. You learn to need the basics before you join a team or play competitively. Every pattern demands different standards. So visit professionals or watch champions online to become familiar with the rules and pattern of play. You can also add informative material such as websites, sports news, etc.

4. Become a member of a Team

Becoming a member of the national team is not that easy. It is the result of a long journey and hard practice. You can begin your journey from school or college, taking part from that level. Even the best women international cricketer titled Smriti Madhna claims that school is the perfect time for building cricketers.

In Educational institutions with academics, the scope of sports is readily increasing. However, In today’s era, the scope of sports is listed in top careers. Players should utilize these opportunities and get selected for school or college Cricket. So they face fewer problems in their professional journey and enjoy it properly. 

5. Daily Cricket exercises & Play Cricket Tournaments

The more you practice, the better you play. The Professional advice a cricket player should not take more than a 1-week gap in one year. If you work hard and routine your training. The hit, catch and speed in competition gear to select in National Cricket tournaments.

Fulfilling your physical and mental requirements with yoga, flexible exercises, and running. This will freshen up and deliver active play on the field. Cricket aspires the players to consume a healthy diet and exercise regularly to excel in their field of discipline.

6. Stay Motivated or Inspired

At some phases, we understand that you find it difficult. But do not stop chasing your passion. Dream your ideals and stage and feel it is coming true through that hard phase only. Do yoga, consult with professionals, and talk to your dear ones. Define your love of playing cricket to them and participate in their advice and entertainment.

Do whatever you love to do such as singing, dance, and art. After satisfaction, focus more and have a way to succeed which prepares you for hard work. Don’t wait for the turn, explore yourself and be part of a team. And, Don’t add pressure, natural response, and take care.

7. Selection of the National Cricket Squad

Hard work and confidence will pay off. Every nation has its team with the main squad. The first step for a player is to get selected for a squad before qualifying for the national team. Perform consistently, this provides an opportunity to hit the biggest challenge. If you are skilled and standard with your playing, no one can stop you. From attaining a good position in the team.

Players like Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, etc. have faced trials. Then after a good and long journey gain global Fame. Have considerable patience and confidence to become an expert in the field. The process to become a professional cricketer is under the steps.


Cricket is an unconventional career. Dedication and perseverance can lead you to the Goal. You have seen and heard the history of the players who have fought the odds and achieved heights. MS Dhoni worked as a ticket collector. You have to believe in yourself. Listen to your heart and continue your passion.

The Process might be complicated, but the result will be worth it. If you process your moves and techniques with the right equipment of cricket. You will be mature enough to handle competitions and the standard pattern required at the world scene. Therefore, You can online buy cricket bat, ball, and cricket shoes at affordable prices from Vicky Sports. Grab deals now. Begin your happy and skilled Cricketer journey with the most trusted brand. We are ready to help you and hope for the best.