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How Can I choose a quality Cricket Bat?

How Can I choose a quality Cricket Bat?

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Pick up the right quality Cricket bat and see the differences in your game. Choosing a common cricket bat won’t make you a perfect player. As they are unable to fulfill requirements such as tough handle, size, etc. in your way.

Quality Cricket bats not only serve you but help to improve your game and show your skills in the best possible way. Cricket is a practical game and the players have to come with the best and right equipment cricket ball, bat, cricket shoes, and other cricket equipment. So whether you are playing for fun or professionally, it is essential to have quality and the right Cricket bat for best playing.

How can you Choose a Quality Cricket Bat?

With all different brands and types. Don’t worry, we are here to help you and guide you on how to choose the right Cricket bat. This will work best for you. Let’s go with our things.

1. Grains

Firstly, check the Cricket bat grains. These grains represent the age of the wood used in bats. Every grain defines one growing season. Different types of Cricket bats are available, so the grains would differ from bat to bat. 

If the grains of a Cricket bat is between 6 - 12 it defines a good quality cricket willow. and, If the grains of a Bat between 10 - 12 are slightly softer than 6 grains bat. So take a longer knock-in and reach quality.

If you are pursuing Cricket as a career option, all top-end bats need to have 7 to 10 straight grains. These bats will help you to make a balance between performance and routine moves. These bats are ideal for those players who are looking for longevity of the bat. They are fit as per budget and level playing. Higher-grain bats are not the best.  

2. Grading

Varieties of Cricket bats are introduced as per varieties of level playing. Every bat is made from different grades of willow to serve the best. And, Every grade will treat playing differently.

High-grade bats have straight grains and are fit for professionals. These grades are from one to five. It is believed that high-grade bats would be a better choice. But it is not, it would be better if you are eligible for that level of playing.

Pick upgrade cricket bats for reliability and quality of playing. Regular practice will enhance your skill and standard. Understand the grade and make the right pick in your budget from Vicky Sports.    

3. Handle Quality

Handles are an important part of a bat. With a proper or comfortable grip, players can give their best. The handle of the bat should absorb shock and impact from the ball. So that your hands don’t feel tight and bound. Two types of handles are available in bat. They are oval and round.

Round-handle bats are easier to control with top and bottom hands. These handled bats are essential for those players who flick their wrists while batting. You will get a firm grip with round handles. They are best for power hitters.

Oval handle bats are great to have directional control over the bat. They are stronger but some people find it hard to grip that bat. In these oval-handle bats usually, the top hand ends up with most of the control.

4. Bat Size

Different cricket bats come in different sizes. You are thinking of buying a bigger bat but this is not good. If you are a beginner or small player, it is hard for you to handle such a large and heavy bat. The key to finding the right Cricket bat size is to match your height.

Look up your height and then order size. This will be suitable for you.      

5. Bat Weight

Bat weight has a major effect on your game. They play a crucial factor in effective playing. Heavier bats are more durable bats and have more impact on the ball. However, the increase is hard to handle for some players. As they have decreased control over the bat and it is impossible to swing the bat for a good hit.

Lighter bats are easier to handle. You can give a speedy hit to the hall. And, They are quick and require less strength. But some players find them not powerful. Every player should pick those weights which are as per their strength. 

6. Bat Tapping

Bat tapping is the process in which the grains and fibers of a cricket bat are compressed and strengthened for long use. This process is vital for all willow cricket bats. There are 4 areas to prepare Bat tapping: Face, toe, and every edge. This makes them vulnerable to breakage and damage. So knock your cricket bat in an effective way of ensuring that the bat has been compacted enough to prevent damage.

7. Bat Cost (Average)

There is no scale to measure the average cost of a Cricket bat. Different bats have different qualities and standards. But if you go with the most trusted brand Vicky Sports, you find the average cost of a Cricket bat of every quality. Check and assure now!

Know the Different Types of Cricket Bats

  • English Willow Cricket Bat

If you are looking for a premium-quality bat? English willow bats are best. Our high-quality Cricket bats are used by international players to serve the best. These bats are premium because they are manufactured from the finest quality English willow. They are made from soft fibrous wood.

These bats are perfect with their compressibility, durability, and pressure to face fast bowlers at a rapid pace. The grains of these bats are easily visible and light weighted. They generate power and provide you with control. However, they are expensive but worth it in premium leagues or international matches.

  • Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

If you are looking for something better an Indigence willow bat? Kashmir willow bat is perfect for you. Our bats are made from Salix alba trees found in Kashmir. Therefore, Our Kashmir willow cricket bats are common in level competitions. These bats have a good life span and are dense.

These bats are best for beginners and intermediate players to sharpen their moves. They are affordable and offer you comfort and control. We are ready to serve you these bats at a reasonable price at your doorstep. Grab the best deals and begin your top batsman journey!

  • Poplar Willow Cricket Bat

You have seen Cricket players practicing with poplar willow bats. They are popular in them. As they are tough, shock resistant, standard, and available in good sizes. They are manufactured from poplar trees. Therefore, They are absolutely for new players, kids, and fun players.

  • Tennis Cricket Bat

If you are looking for decent and Lighter bats? Tennis Cricket Bat is fit for you. These types of bats are meant to be played with a Tennis ball either light or hard. And, These bats are easier to find and are budget-friendly. But Made from quality wood.

These bats are ideal for beginner trainees and fun players. You will love to play with these bats. Due to standard handling, prevention from shock, per the size, etc. Grab the Right tennis bat and play style!


These are some factors to consider while having a quality cricket bat. And, These things can turn simple playing into best playing. You will see and feel a huge effect on your game. They are easy to understand. In the local market, simple brands will charge high.

But if you purchase them online from Vicky Sports, you get great deals and combos. We have good discounts on Cricket bat deals. These bats are fit as per requirement and budget. So, don’t waste a minute searching for a bat in the market. We are here to serve you the best level Cricket Bat and other cricket equipment.

Begin your active and powered Cricket journey with us! All the best.