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How to choose best Cricket Shoes for you?

How to choose best Cricket Shoes for you?

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Every Cricket player has a different level of playing. They have to determine their level and role of playing. To choose the best cricket shoes, you should look for the correct size, material, and durability for you.

If they are on the pitch of Batting, they require a rubber spike/metal spike shoe. As they provide a good grip to run fast on the pitch.

If they are in the field of Bowling, they should buy stud shoes. They help to land in the correct position and are capable of providing stability and safety.

Here are some needed to be checked while Buying Cricket Shoes

1. Material

Players have to buy high-quality material for Cricket shoes. It is not possible within a week to buy cricket shoes new pairs. PU or high-quality synthetic material on the Upper surface and PVC Outsole. They are ideal on hard and grass grounds.

The Material of Cricket shoes should be long-lasting and light weighted. They are perfect to absorb the impact and lock the foot. So that during the match they can freely move.

2. Cushioning

While playing Cricket, players have a lot of pressure on their Lower legs. They have to run for a long time. For this, they require proper cushioning in shoes for comfort and safety.

Cushioning reduces the impact of force on the legs and feet. Ideal Cricket shoes have cushioning on the midsole and heels. Due to this, players can easily focus on playing.

3. Air Ventilation

It is important to have a foot to breathe in cricket shoes. During intensive cricket matches or hot summer days, sweat rises and the skin gets delicate. Proper air circulation and air ventilation prevent the foot from the unusual smell, skin peeling, and hurt such as swelling. So you should go for those shoes that offer proper air care.

4. Shoe Spikes

For ideal playing, Batsman chooses Rubber or metal shoe spikes to maintain a good grip on the pitch. They help to run faster and power performance. Extra support, comfort, and focus when you buy spike shoes.

Cricket shoe spikes help to take or score more runs, as it will be easier for you. These shoes will enhance your level with pro style. A bowler can also wear spikes running shoes. They also need a good grip while delivering the cricket ball.

In Spike shoes, you have features to convert them as per your need into two, three two, etc. They serve you quality and style over the pitch to become a top cricketer.

6. Size and Weight

Players need to wear the right size of Cricket shoes. Fit shoes will hamper the performance and feel relaxed.

Think about the situation, when the player has to wear tight shoes. The restricted movement and inconvenience can result in a loss of the match. In case a large size won't allow you to have a definite stride.

It is good to have breathing features in cricket shoes for the toe at the front. For the Broader feet, sides room. They may not hurt while playing and safety remains with boosted performance.

In Cricket shoes, weight plays a crucial role. Cricket demands speedy running to score runs, in fielding and bowling. The light weight of Cricket shoes fulfills all the aspects of cricket due to ease of movement across the ground.


It is a tough task for players to search for the best and right pair of Cricket shoes for them. As they have to as per their level and requirement. In the market, common and popular cricket shoes are available with an overview.

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